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Dilantin Wobbly Legs

Dilantin Wobbly Legs

necropsy, 48 were under two j^ears old: 83 of the 100 cases occurred
dilantin generic name
forms rest in bed is not imperative, but active exercise must be forbidden,
when to obtain phenytoin level
symptoms of too much phenytoin
"shot-gun" quarantine, that, as a rule, is far more harmful than effective,
phenytoin 100 mg capsules
eyeball was perfectly natural in all its muscular movements.
what affects dilantin levels
vessels upon any and all conditions. A strict quaran-
lenalidomide and phenytoin
Inebriety and Medical Practice. — A Cincinnati even-
phenytoin and transgendered
Dunglison's New Remedies. — Perhaps we owe an apology to the pro-
uses for dilantin besides siezer control
intravenous phenytoin daily dosing schedule
the failure to absorb from the intestine would seem to explain both
dilantin fluctuating levels
dilantin wobbly legs
any explanation attempted. There are but two modes in
phenytoin dose adjustment albumin
phenytoin calculation

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