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Alternative To Lamisil

Alternative To Lamisil

the medical staff of Cornell University, in 1904 having been appointed

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coming an interne as junior and senior assistant and house surgeon,

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Is there here no violation of " professional dignity," against

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of physicians from all parts of this country have been benefited by

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good fortune to be associated with Dr. Drysdale and Dr. Hilbers

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to the professorship of that branch and has since held this position.

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He received his preparatory education in the Satterlee Collegiate

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forth ai a shining example to the young men of the medical

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Bureau of Sanitary Science, Dr. Grosvenor of Chicago acting

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ity to the progenitors to whom is due the morbid craving, the

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mation of the bowels (entero-colitis) has been supposed to exist

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his digestion is perfect, and his various functions are healthily

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this, treatment must be purely symptomatic, including inunctions of chloro-

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best undoubtedly are the valvular metallic splints, hollowed

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Since that time a number of different names have been suggested

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sulting Obstetrician to the Kings County Hospital, Con-

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counsellor, bringing him word of all that is newest and most val-

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and of the quotation-marks which would accredit phrases or

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Society of Erie County, New York State Medical Society, the Amer-

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cian and Gynecologiit ; " "Intestinal Obstruction;"

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medical subjects to various medical journals, and has a

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conditions for growth in its surroundings, and not in proportion

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The meeting next year at Saratoga will undoubtedly be still

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Surg'ical Erysipelas. — It was formerly very frequent.

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municated to the cerebro-spinal axis by a violent shock,

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be a special mark of the age. They are less evident in the

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" In perforations, any immediate intervention would be

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the subject, — takes it for granted that there is no other kind of

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It cannot fail to commend itself to your judgment, that the

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mind to take my family abroad, and we sailed from New

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