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Nova Slimex Review

Nova Slimex Review

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anticipated, and quite bright at times. But you dis-

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which is readily soluble in five parts of water. Veronal itself requires

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against all other mouse cancers and, what is more, against mouse sar-

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tuting the higher mental centres, to function properly, requires the

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1440. Hospital transports, boats, and railway trains, after being

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possible. Put it in small patty-pans (cake-tins) — these are

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and give prompt relief from the local pain. A few such applica-


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with a 4- 3 lens it was \. For the far vision he required a

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Orig. MewA. JoxES, Stdnxt. M.B., Surgeon to, and Lecturer on

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room, on which sat the mother pigeon. The pigeons had built their

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(OT Jr. Rep.), Tammy Copes (Treasurer); Row 4: Alkico Woods (MT Rep.), Terry LeGrand (CPS Jr.

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growths, and whenever foreign bodies are lodged in the ventricles.

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flexible. Measurements after four months of treatment showed the

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Dr. Dunglison says, "setons and issues exhaust the strength of the

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tum of patients with continued fever who gave positive Widal reactions,

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Dr. Arne Nelson located at Hartland in 1878. He practiced there through

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elasticity of which causes it to fly back in contact with

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value to the nation as mere attractions from an artistic or scenic point

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abstruse problems, he has the attitude of an inquirer. The

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affected vessels and tissues by the employment of different

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alone it can be acquired. We also know that similar entozoa in their

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involved in the growth. In the cases in which it was possible

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ence makes it quite certain. I have seen many patients recover com-

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posterior excess of buoyancy should fail to exert material force upon the anterior fibre ;

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patient wore an intra-uterine instrument for ten months in succession,

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as the male semen does never impregnate in the ovary or

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say, two days before the appearance of the menses, three days during the flow,

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founders of our State Medical Association, and subsequently manifested

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flowers, bitter, acid, acrid, and saccharine juices, and

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meeting of the Medical Society of London, held Feb. 11th, 1889,

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