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Benzedrine Definition

Benzedrine Definition

the sole should be raised. In fact, the heel should be
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There are more deaths in cold, wintry weather than in summer. This is
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edly increased in size, and extended towai-d the me-
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blood supply has afforded such astonishing results that he re-
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lime is a constituent of grains, and when a chemist analyzes
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in animals by this means ; it must, however, be remem-
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ratio of plates to erythrocytes. The number per cmm. is obtained
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gut is opened by scissors for about one or one and a half inches in a trans-
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had best be done, then leave it to the individual to decide. It would
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to prevent recurrence by anastomosis will be considered.
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temporaries has also touched us. It is an epidemic which, withtn the
benzedrine definition
that was born should be cast into the river. About this time, Moses,
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generalized aplasia will be evidenced first in the platelets, because the
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Hell. Naturally of all these things the people could
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the mother of a family, who had had unusual and ex-
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beneficial influence. Small doses of strychnin in some pa-
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tion, M. Alph. Devebgie was authorized by the prefect of Paris, to observe
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Nothing can be more improper than attempts made to force open the
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WiLHELM Ebstein was bom on the 27th of November, 1830, at Jauer. in
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wounds at the battle of Balaclava, and was taken prisoner by the
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medulla oblongata, which is the prolongation of the spinal cord.
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cases in which the disease is well localized, for the reasons (1) that
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tarily, it was forcibly straightened under the anaesthetic ; as the
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the manufacturers gave the preparation more attention. The
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The President stated that the discretionary power be-
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recurring spasms, not so severe as in either of the cases above
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time to renew the cotton, change the i^osition of the table or

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