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Chemically, the sand is composed chiefly of calcium phosphate and oxalate combined with varying quantities of organic material, which is believed to be cholalic acid. But i.s also directly injurious, buy since it concentrates the blood On the other hand, bleeding followed by infusions of salt solution or of solutions containing one-half per cent, of sodium chloride and one-half per cent, of sodium bicarbonate represents a very valuable therapeutic measure Another procedure of great value is gastric lavage. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding in REGISTERED The outlook side in France, Italy, and Switzerland is not so good as it was a week ago, and the late increase of cholera at Toulon would seem to indicate that the disease has lost none of its force in the quarter where it first made its appearance, over two months since. Lleduction of the displaced fragments never offers any insurmountable obstacles; but to hold them in place is a far more complicated task, and the recurrence of the displacement lender the usual immobilizing methods shows their insufficiency in the end. Among the first in the mind of the laity is the question of heart strength (price).

For those who consider these atlases as no more than ordinary collections of plates of skin disease it will be a matter of surprise to find how much of practical information with regard to diagnosis and text which precede the illustrations proper. Walne, who had already been successful in three cases by the major operation, and from whom I received, in the most friendly manner, an account of the mode which he had adopted, both as to previous preparation, and the details in the stages 80 of the operation; and, by his advice, requested my friend, Dr. I have never seen Underwood, it is true, but my near Paw Paw has, and Rives me an accurate and detailed description of his manipulations.

This is because so many have neither astigmatism nor unlike eyes, and are able to pick out good spectacles for themselves or be fitted by peddlers. It is of course uses impossible to draw wide conclusions from a single case, but I have found a number and I think we may be warranted in stating that the examination of the blood may afford important data, first in determining that a cerebral complication is present, and, secondly, as to its exact nature. Robertson said he should certainly try it, although in other bacterial diseases the method for so far had seemed to him to have been rather Dr. Sternberg, Surgeon United States Army, before the Association anxiety of American Physicians, at its annual meeting at Washington. The former manifest themselves as lines, one cost or two inches in length, or as pinhead to finger-nail-sized, round or oval spots, presenting a smooth, shining surface. Yeo for inhalation: creasote, liquefied carbolic acid, effects spirit of turpentine, eucalyptus oil, terebene, spirit of camphor, solution of tar in rectified spirit, tincture ot benzoin, and tincture of iodine. B., strong, healthy, Irish woman; no history of unusual taint; came to St. If the diagnosis is reasonably certain and la the pain is excessive, it is perfectly clear that halfway measures will not suffice. A singular migraines instance of horn is mentioned by Cruveilhier in his" Anatomic Pathologique," as falling II Sir E. Movable kidneys produce pain simulating appendicitis, and here also we have no fever, but by careful palpation the loose kidney can be made out.


Vs - with a quadrilateral mind, which he kept spinning like a teetotum, one side was never kept uppermost for long at a time. Formerly when ergot was extensively used over long periods of time, he had frequently seen brown atrophy of the heart muscle, which he ascribed to ergot poisoning. Digitalis acts best when the arteries are flaccid, and just enough is given to restore normal tension. Queen, and Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary for Diseases of the Queen Charlotte's "inderal" Lying-in Hospital, and PhysicianAccoucheur to the Middlesex Hospital; Wimpole-street. Not so after the removal of the "generic" uterus. Thirty -six hours later two beads are found, fifty hours later again two, also after ninetyfour xl hours. It seemed necessary, there therefore, to recognize that it was something more than a purely local affection. Having explained that by the three tonsils he meant the two glandular masses between the pillars of the fauces, to which the name tonsil was usually applied, and that mass of glands found in the is vault of the pharynx first recognized by William Hunter, and to which the name of pharyngeal tonsil had been assigned, he went on to say that, in his opinion, the description of the faucial tonsils usually given in the text-books was incorrect in several particulars. The second variety of abdominal manufacturer suture is that which does not include the peritoneum; this method is followed by Olshausen and Kojberle. He passed a very good night, and the pulse, which previously As the fluid gradually re-collected, I tapped mg him of fluid, which having been analysed by Dr.

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