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Bangla Himcolin Gel

Bangla Himcolin Gel

three or four times, and been arrested only by pressure on tlio

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the chest. A probe was in the first instance passed down into the

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This was j)reserved and shown to the medical gentlemen, when they

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now reside has never been visited by it until witliin the last Uvo

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clude from the futility of all the known means of combating such

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monibranes — or was it the manifestation of some obscure but ma-

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any and every possible appearance of the remaining papillary sur-

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Bt E. N. Cuapkax, M.D., Prof, op Thebapectics. Materia Medica, &c.

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harmless, although formerly poisoning was not infrequent

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Examples : Oleo-resin of capsicum, oleo-resin of aspi-

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matic crystals, or a white, crystalline powder ; odorless, and

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every eight hours. Brandy to be given every two hours, and ten

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autumn, 1,004, and in winter 1,009. The largest number of deaths in

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The institution <»f a M«'«lioal Iiispoctinp Corps has lnon pnnlurfivc

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tion, the hernial sac protruded, and remained so three or four hours;

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August 9th. Ball entered left side of nose, at lower edge of nasal

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ness of the mind, which seijned to partake of the j^enei'al letliai jrv.

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cal and vSurgical Journal, Jamuiry and February, 1863. — Buff.do Medical and Surgical Jour-

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Respiratory Organs. — Small doses of antimony increase

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still to keep on our path unshaken by the storms which threaten to

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4. What winds most troublesome to consumptive patients?

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practised. The administration of calomel should be followed

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depressing the contracting (oculomotor) centre, (2) the ter-

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Mr. Editor, — I read with much interest the article from the Edin-

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Clover hay has double the amount, and rowen or after-

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the skin where an immediate effect is required. The prepa-

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Ave. mortality of con-esponding weeks for ten years, 1853 — 1863,

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the nature of the epidemic, constitution and other circumstances.

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I left Boonsboro' on the 17th for Kecdysvillc. This town was in

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addition of salt and a little green fodder to this ration is

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tion ; the patient of prodigiously full habit, one who not only ne-

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The Middlesex East District Medical Society held its annual meeting

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Slcin. — Alcohol dilates the peripheral vessels, and theie-

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due to the absence of specific treatment ? Not at all. Independent

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ing the convalescence of this patient, a member of the family (an adult

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Extreme rapidity of performance is of less importance now than it

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been sufficiently described in previous sections. The treat-

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reported to the Society the case of a little girl, 12 years of age, in

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