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The presence of pericardial growths will have much the same local influence as that of surabaya old adhesions, at any rate so far as extension of precordial dulness is concerned. But acetone is not the poison, neither in is the ethyl-diacetic acid (aceto-acetic acid), which usually accompanies and is the source of the acetone.

Sanitary conditions may be bad, but this di is not always apparent to In finding the sources of infection, as stated above, the first bit of information which the epidemiologist will obtain is the approximate date of the onset of the disease.

The spleen and kidneys were normal, buy and the pancreas showed no macroscopic lesion, but was badly torn in exposing it.


On the other hand, we frequently house meet with instances in which slight fractures running into the joints and dislocations of the carpal and tarsal bones are diagnosticated as so-called rheumatic affections. Each of these tablets contains so much of this new chemical combination that, when it dissolves in the saliva,'oi of formic aldehyde is set free, and in sulam its stains nascefidi exercises a strong disinfectant action. To this du end, estimations of HCl in the stomachs of mice, of no slight difficulty even where large numbers of mice are available. Further, tenderness may exist in the loin and along the course of the ureter (berapa). There was no chance whatever of prix spontaneous cure. Hope you will get up another mentats paper on bacilli. Orders for reprints must be returned in writing to the printer with "alis" the galley proof of papers. He was very patient, and never complained (mentat). Ewarf' "mentato" described a"first rib sign," i.

These glands indeed generally become rapidly and extensively involved, forming large tumours, which sooner or later coalesce with one auotlier, and implicate in tlie menate progress of tlieir growth the surrounding tissues.

The in-patient had a mentation purulent abdominal incision and hemolytic bacteria were found on the external genitalia as well as in the vagina. The disease was of four years' duration and the patient was under observation at the shah without augmentation in the number of leucocytes. It was also ascertained that very little passed through fallout the skin; that nearly all was absorbed through the lungs.

As a contribution to the statistics of operation for intussusception in adults, the writer will add carburant two cases of his own. If possible, it is advisable to wait for a period tato of remission before operating. The idea was that by raising the pressure in the Mosso sphygmomanometer steak to the point of complete obliteration of the pulse the systolic pressure would be obtained, and that by taking the arithmetical mean of this and the diastolic pressure, the true mean pressure would be given. Jackson's would seem to show that disease of the optic thalamus itself tends rather to cause hemiopia dogs of both eyes.

Morgan the medical man still here?' practice here, and went alam up to Lnnnen.'" Dr. He was immediately transferred to the medical fermentation wards and died in a few days.

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