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Gerster? The full statistics of results in the hands of skilled operators ought to be tests collected and a fair analysis made before a final adjudication of the question can be reached.


At first the serum was used unheated, but afterward it was heated concentrated by a modified Banzhaf c.c (of). Creosote, like cod-liver oil has become so fixed in the minds of the public, that they think that its only therapeutic use is in tuberculosis: blood. It was then I realized that the history level of many of man's postural adaptations had to be traced back to the evolution of the gibbonish or hylobatian body (Hylobates is the generic name for the gibbons). In order to l)e quite sure that iiolliiiig was'left behind the bronchial tree was explmed on digitalis lioth sides with the hronehoscopo, a good view being ohtaiiiod. The bone must be kept fixed for in this way for from four to six weeks. And if there is inflammatory heat in the part, cold compresses, irrigation, medicine or the ice-bag are advantageous; the cold douche or cold applied by means REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

It exists also, occasionally, as a "doses" true neurosis in disease of the nerve tissues or tracts. The lesion involves the striate area but spares antihistamines the pallidal region. The results of the treatment in -general were very satisfactory, and in some cases brilliant, and the patients benefited were enthusiastic values in regard to it. With - the great State of Georgia should and will see the importance of the accomplishments of modern medicine and should give us every encouragement and assistance in the struggle for still greater things. My results from stock vaCL-ines abnormal rre striking. Chamberlain said that so far as the Ministry had been able to test tlio results they appeared to he very satisfactory, but it had not yet brought under the notice "causes" of the Minister several cases which had beeu cured entirely by the Spahlinyer treatment, he would give further consideiati"on to the matter. Of thirty-seven cases operated upon, thirteen recovered, but he combined does not suppose that one- third of all the cases have been saved, as many unsuccessful ones have probably not been reported. It is clear tliat in the time at my disposal notbing more than comprar a very geueral review of tliis large subject can be attempted.

The most effective treatment appears to have been onde some form of vigorous counter irritation such as turpentine hypodermic injection for the production of an abscess in some indifferent region like the outside of the thigh. The negative pole is preferable at the coccyx or maintenance the feet.

Having thoroughly ansesthetized the mucous surfaces dogs of the soft palate, uvula, and nasal passages with a four per cent, solution of cocaine, a probe, which had been previously immersed in a mixture of ice and salt, was made to impinge upon the parts rendered insensible to contact and pain. When and the shock passes off pain is complained of at the seat of injury, especially on movement. The distention of the bladder should be done with extreme care, as rupture of the viscus has occuri-ed in several instances during this oral procedure. Adduction or abduction of the diseased limb are neither characteristic of the disease from the first; they persist throughout the whole indications affection. She vomited three or four times daily, with occasionally a pains in the back, under the left breast, and in the left ovary: use. In obstinate cases the autogenous bacterins are frequently in preferable. He looks upon these cases as still another transition form between Friedreich's disease, hereditary cerebellar ataxia, atrophy of the cerebellum, the cases previously described by him (which Nonne does not consider to belong in the title suggested by Marie, "dosage" on account of the wide-spread atrophy of the central nervous found in one of his cases), as well as the cases published heretofore as" mixed forms" of these diseases.

During treatment in the hospital she gained in canine weight twenty pounds. : Various complicating diseases (hernia, cholera, From these figures a third of the cases are seen to begin without warning, and without apparent cause, and probably this proportion is below what it should be, for.some of chf the other assumed causes are far from being proven. The air-locks prevent the lungs from collapsing, and the scarification allows the pulmouary toprol artery and veius to be perfused separately.

BOOTHE, PRESIDENT OF THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY AND When big battleships begin to maneuver, they find it convenient to use a small gun to dose get the range.

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